Sometimes less is more. This is the thinking behind The Half Bottle Company, a new business from the founders of The Magnum Company.
At our sister business, we like to celebrate the decadence and opulence of the under-utilised magnum format. All the same, we equally feel that smaller statutes can be equally stunning and very useful in performing many functions, yet they remain resolutely difficult to source - especially the high-quality, reputable wines.


The size of a traditional wine bottle is designed with science in mind. A wine bottle matches the lung capacity of a typical glass blower. A half bottle, however, offers plenty of advantages. Some of the reasons to consider a half bottle include - 

  • Sampling of new wines – one of life's simplest pleasures is furthering one's wine education through sampling different wines. A half bottle makes this considerably easier.
  • Reducing waste – sick of pouring half a bottle of wine away once it has been opened too long? Or forcing yourself to finish a bottle because you don’t want to waste it? With wines of this size, you can open a bottle without concerns about half of it going to waste. 
  • Economic advantages – it's a universal truth that purchasing the very best comes with a price tag. With a half bottle, expenditure is less concerning - especially when sampling a new wine for the first time. A half-bottle is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge on a vintage or grape that you have long been curious about.
  • Easier storage – unless you are fortunate enough to have access to a cellar of vast dimensions or a walk-in fridge, storage of wine bottles will always be limited by logistics of storage. It's a simple equation, half-bottles take up less space, which leaves more room to expand your collection as you see fit.
  • Enhanced ageing – wine hosted in a smaller bottle will reach maturity at a faster rate than in bigger bottles. Many half bottle enthusiasts claim that wine hosted in half bottles boasts a flavour comparable to a counterpart two or three years older than expected. It's a shortcut to enjoying a truly luxurious wine experience

As you'll see, there are countless reasons to embrace the half-bottle wine revolution. For more information and exclusive offers from The Half Bottle Company, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. We'll provide education and announcements about new products in our range, in addition to offering exclusive discounts.