Wild Idol

Wild Idol Alcohol Free Sparkling White NV


Champagne and sparkling wine are often connected to joyful occasions, and those unable or unwilling to consume alcohol frequently find themselves frozen out of an opportunity to raise a glass. Wild Idol changes the game, as this alcohol-free wine offers all the taste sensation anybody can expect, without impairing function. Forget all you know about alcohol-free wine, as Wild Idol is a unique taste experience; from the moment the cork is popped and fragrant floral and fruity notes tease the nose, through the crisp, fresh taste sensation, until the lingering finish that ensures Wild Idol lives long in the memory, and can be enjoyed by anybody, of any age or lifestyle.


  • Muller Thurgau


This sparkling white wine can pair with any dish that may otherwise accompany champagne - seafood, sushi, and white meat are all fine choices. Alternatively, simply pop the cork and enjoy as an aperitif - all the bubbles and prestige of champagne, but you can still drive home at the end of an evening.


Boasting the famous character of Paul Beavis as CEO, and based within the UK, Wild Idol stands apart from other non-alcoholic wines on the market. The grapes - typically sourced from Germany - are not fermented at any stage, providing a naturally alcohol-free alternative to traditional sparkling wines, without sacrificing quality in taste. In addition to a wholly natural production process, the Wild Idol team is also dedicated to environmental sustainability - all corks and vessels are constructed from recyclable products, and 1% of all annual sales are donated to environmental charitable causes.


Located in the Côte des Bar, Drappier has been a family-owned winery since the 19th Century. Only first-pressed gapes are used, with minimal mechanical pressure and just 5% sulphur. Drappier was the favourite winery of General Charles de Gaulle, earning a place in history carried forward to today.

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