Maison Bouchard

Bouchard Père et Fils Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru 2019, Burgundy, France

A fine chardonnay should be powerful on the nose and palate alike, creating an immediate impression. That is certainly the case with Corton Charlemagne, which blends all the cool dryness one would expect with a delectable creamy texture and fruity aroma. Once uncorked, the scent of apples and lemons are slightly tempered by a pinch of spice. Once sipped, the acidity of the wine is matched by just a hint of honeyed sweetness, with a muscular and welcome finish that lingers for some time after finishing. An excellent addition to any cellar for any dry white enthusiast.


  • Chardonnay


This wine is an excellent companion for seafood, especially shellfish, but it also matches any creamy taste of texture well. Consider pairing it with a rich dessert cheeseboard.




The story of Maison Bouchard dates back to the early 18th Century. Michel Bouchard was a cloth merchant that invested in a Burgandy estate, while his son Joseph recognised the potential for winemaking within the territory. After the French revolution, when vineyards were available at reasonable prices, Joseph Bouchard seized his opportunity and began a legacy that endures today. Eventually extending their coverage to over 50 hectares, Maison Bouchard was purchased by Joseph Henriot in 2015 - though the production of wine carrying the Bouchard name remains as consistently superior as ever.

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