Les Chenevières

Domaine Les Chenevieres Mâcon-Villages 2022, Burgundy, France


From the moment the cork is popped on a bottle of Domaine Les Chenevieres Mâcon-Villages, you'll be aware that this is a Chardonnay with the difference. Honeysuckle, lemon and white blossom compete for the attention of the nose, while the palate enjoys a medium-bold taste sensation of peach, oak and dried apricot. The perfect choice for anybody that enjoys a slightly sweeter, less acidic Chardonnay, Domaine Les Chenevieres Mâcon-Villages tastes as light as the air we breathe and offers a mild finish with just a hint of vanilla. Ideal for a picnic or to accompany a light snack on a sun-kissed afternoon.


  • Chardonnay


Ideal for vegetarians, this wine pairs with salad or pasta – though it also accompanies cured meats well


Domaine Les Chenevières is a family-owned and managed vineyard, presently operated by Vincent and Nicolas Lenoir alongside their families - the sixth generation of winemakers to utilise this land. Found in St Maurice de Satonnay, a tiny locale between Cluny and Mâcon, 41 hectares of vines are planted to hillsides to ensure appropriate altitude and maximise growth. Domaine Les Chenevières blend respect for tradition with eco-friendly sustainable farming practices, while the Lenoir family conduct every element of the wine construction by their own hands - from planting to plucking grapes and bottling the eventual tantalising product

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